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Artist Statement

I am a quiltmaker.  I love fabric--its softness, its inviting warmth.

I love to cut the fabric, sew it back together in a new arrangement, cut it again and sew it back together in yet another new arrangement.  

The cut line and the sewn line are important to my construction design.  All cuts are made without rulers or measurements so that no line is of even width.

I love color--the full glorious pallette!  I respect neutral colors as they help maintain some degree of order in a lively composition. 

A somewhat organized grid is my preferred method of working. It is an efficient and disciplined format for my sometimes overzealous approach to my work. 

I consider my final quilting stitches to be my paintbrush. They bring texture to my composition as they run and sometimes bounce over the quilt design.


I make art using fabric.

I have dyed most of the colors in this collection using MX dyes and low water immersion.

Most of the pieces are from my series exploring the exclamation mark.

The collection is almost entirely free form cut and pieced without using exact measurements or rulers.

I consider the final stitches and threads to be my paint brush that adds surface design and texture.

This exhibit represents my growth and journey while working in series.